ADDRESSING MEMORY ISSUES EARLY IS CRITICAL A common misconception is that early memory impairment is a normal part of aging IT’S ALL ABOUT BALANCE

 60% of our brain dry weight is made of lipids which are critical in brain health Brain tissue is especially rich in these vital nutrients, which help to ensure normal nerve-cell function. The brain does not function optimally if it is deprived of them Lipid imbalances, including a change in lipid metabolism, have been shown to be associated with cognitive deficit

A deficiency of certain lipids (PS-DHA) is associated with early memory impairment. Vayacog® gets these lipids nutrients (PS-DHA) to the brain, where they are needed to be to support early memory impairment.

VAYACOG® GETS LIPID NUTRIENTS TO THE BRAIN Vayacog’s unique composition increases the bioavailability of lipid nutrients across the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)

Vayacog’s composition also affects where and how this lipid is metabolized within the body The Vayacog® composition is specially formulated and addresses a lipid deficiency that cannot be addressed by modification of diet alone.


The Vayacog composition, Phosphatidylserine-Omega-3 (PS-Omega-3), has a unique, proprietary structure combining Phosphatidylserine and Omega-3. This combined structure allows it to target the brain, delivering essential nutrients to address lipid deficiency associated with early memory loss.


Vayacog is a unique lipid based composition of phosphatidylserine conjugated to omega-3 fatty acids. It plays a crucial role in many pathways that target neural cell health.

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